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Via allerlei kanalen wordt getracht bekendheid te geven aan het doel van de Stichting en dus ook aan de politiek. Met name de politiek kan via wet- en regelgeving veel veranderen.
Uiteraard is daarnaast de media het kanaal bij uitstek.

Brief aan Dagblad De Telegraaf 01.07.2007

Brief aan Tweede Kamer maart 2000

Het effect van de communicatie van opvoerders en kinderen tijdens de spraak- en taalontwikkelingsperiode
Een presentatie door Hetty Valk (Power Point Presentation)

Respect, P.M. Tony Blair's Project

Jan.11th, 2006

News in The Netherlands from England.

In England much more attention will be paid to anti-social behaviour of children and adults.
Anti-social people will be punished more severely.  The Asbo's (anti -social behaviour order).
Sharpen the law.
Education courses for parents under compulsion.
A woman politician made the remark: you can't force people to be respectful.
With deep respect we draw the politicians' attention to
The Foundation is explaining that now compulsory subject in raising children might solve most of
the education problems in the future.
Courses for everybody under 18 years of age.

Mrs. H.O. Valk, Manager, speechtherapist.
Zandweg 21z11
  1934 BJ Egmond a/d Hoef
The Netherlands

The Labour Party

Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 10:58 PM
Subject: Give respect Get respect

Dear Readers,
In case the Respect Action Plan will be launched in all classrooms for the pupils of age 16/18 years.
Imagine that the future parents will be the best example for their children and that generation will
develop a natural RESPECT because those children saw the example how to be respectful at home.
The first best place to learn, from your qualified parents at home.
Please, with deep respect I ask you politely to give attention to the english site of Lucky Child
Foundations's website
You are driving a car with a driver's license. You will not wait with taking driverslessons untill you
make troubles in the traffic.

But.........the fathers and  the mothers are raising their children with  TRIAL AND ERROR.

Plato already posed the question:  can we bring the parents who can't raise their children for the
That question is still crying for an answer.
Could the Leader of the people decide to introduce basic knowledgement about raising children as
lessons at school? Could the Leader do so?
And so create a better future? All levels of life will benifit from those lessons.
Prevention for making unnessary mistakes in treating yuour children or other people.
Less sadness, and more joy in the families, from the start there will be knowledge about how to
treat the babies to adults. That is a situation that has not yet happened.

When will the Leader of the people make a move and launch prevention.

Thank you for your attention,

Yours faithfully,
Mrs. H.O. Valk