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Dear Friend,

Today I published the Labour Government's Children's Plan - our vision to make this the best place
in the world for children to grow up - and I would like to hear what you think.
The Children's Plan responds to the concerns and aspirations of parents, children, young people
and professionals - who all told us their views during our consultation.

Building on the progress we have made over the last ten years, it sets out the next steps we will
take to support parents, focus on the individual needs of every child, unlock the talents of all
our young people and deliver a world class education.
And because we believe no child should be left behind we will break down the barriers that
entrench disadvantage - inside and outside school - with earlier intervention, more joined-up
services, and extra support for children falling behind.
Some of the key announcements in our Children's Plan include:

. Up to 3,500 new or rebuilt play areas - the equivalent of 23 in every local authority and seven
in every constituency - and 30 new adventure playgrounds in the most disadvantaged areas
backed by £225 million of investment.

. New things to do and places to go for young people - with £160 million over the next two years
to kick-start our ambition of new youth facilities in every constituency.
This could mean either 50 new state of the art youth centres, or 500 refurbished centres, or
2,000 smaller scale centres or mobile units.

. Free nursery provision for the most disadvantaged two-year-olds - as we raise the entitlement
for three and four-year-olds from 12 to 15 hours per week.

. Next measures to raise school standards - including a review of the primary curriculum,
a move towards "testing when ready" and more catch-up support for children falling behind.

. More support for parents and families - including new measures to help parents take a more
active role in their children's education.

We have also set ambitious long-term goals and reaffirmed our historic commitment to eradicate
child poverty by 2020 - with £100 million of new investment for disabled children.
You can read more about the Children's Plan at
But it won't surprise you that the Tories cannot and will not match our ambitions.

They attack Sure Start. They've voted against our extension of maternity leave.
They oppose our plans to make sure every young person is in education, training or an
apprenticeship until the age of 18. They oppose our new
Diplomas which will break the old divide between academic and vocational learning.

They want to cut £4.5 billion from our school rebuilding programme.
And their unfair and unfunded family tax policy will do nothing to support children whose parents
are widowed, separated or divorced.
So once again David Cameron's Tories stand for opportunity for some .

But with our Children's Plan, Labour will unlock the talents of every young person, intervene
early so that no child is left behind, and back all parents and families.

Best wishes,

Ed Balls MP
Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families


To the Wwoof Management,

In Drumgor Estate, Awanui i have digged up a blackberry root,
134 cm long.
Hetty Valk, membership Number 08 26 706

Guinessbook of Record can be jalous. Do they have that item in their book?
You have it and you can ask the wwoofers who can do better.
You are allowed to publish this in the next cultural Exchange Magazine, of which I should be
very proud. Did you receive earlier any photo like this one?
And this one is Maybe from the eldest wwoofer??
I have had a good time, my last address was Hohepa Homes Farm, Clive.
In Napier I have some holiday in the Horse Backpackers.

Would you be so kind to give any comments on this e-mail to me?




All over the world people have festivals. Today symbolic the dragon has been killed by St. Michael.
We have been singing the harvest songs, children went to the fields, it is a farm here, and picked
tomatoes, corn, silverbiet and put the harvest under the tree.
There is a beautiful arch of flowers and fruit and corn.
Photo's will prove the beautiful day and happy people.
The lunch has been excellent, so many kinds of cake, soup, and drink.
Hot sun, so many sunheads on.
The party is over and I am invited by the speechtherapist to have talk together about what is
going on in the Camphill Farms (40 in England) all over the world for the disabled people.
They need a lot of support and on the farm they are invited to help.
Most of them have duties and visit one or more days school.

Advices from Rudolf Steiner.


Limerick by famous men

There was a young man from New York
Whose morals were lighter than cork:
"Young chickens," said he,
"Have no terros for me:
The bird that I fear is the stork!"



Nieuw Zeeland, Ahipara noorder eiland noord westkust.
Verzamelde gegevens over omgaan met kinderen.

About communication with children.
In october 2006 kreeg ik op het kantoor van Child, youth and family brochures.
In Invercargill, no time for a duscussion at that moment.
Het volgende in de "Neglect it's too important to ignore" :

"Lack of understanding of child development.
Parents who neglect their children often DO NOT KNOW VERY MUCH ABOUT HOW
CHILDREN GROW AND DEVELOP. They don't know what is reasonable to expect at
different ages. They can view natural, age-appropriate behaviour instead as a
deliberate act of disobedience or defiance.

Hier staat het argument voor het oprichten van de Stichting Lucky Child (1997)
Kamer van Koophandel, Alkmaar Nederland.
In Nieuw Zeeland wordt maar 1 vrouw per week vermoord in het gezin.
Every year thousands of New Zealnd children ae affected by neglect.

More about:
Who's looking after the kids?
Help for Kinship Carers
Ending offending together.
All about child sexual abuse, the people who commit it and how to stop it.
Everyday families.
Youth justice
Family court

In Reader's Digest feb. 2007:
28 Secrets of Raising an A+ Student
three families reveal how they've invested in their kids'education.

When we will tell the parents to become the secrets at school in a new curriculum,
then we will have a generation of qualified parents.
And there will be no secrets any more. And problems will always be with us and
all together we go through the problems, supporting eachother.

In the street a bus in front of a school. Supporting the education by giving special
curriculums. Proudly supported by THE COMMUNITY TRUST OF SOUTHLAND
and advertising on the bus. Anyway they have found a way to give more information
to the youth than only the well known curriculums, writing, reading arithmetic.

When both flags fly, NZ will have come of age.
In the meantime the problem families create an underclass.
In the Weekend Herald, feb. 3, 2007
Helping families to raise their children properly is a potential weapon in
stopping an underclass being created, but New Zealand welfare systems can hinder
rather than help. Simon Collins reports.

Honoured for 70 years arts educator, now 92 Doreen Blumhardt and
professor Geering, the 88-year-old theologian concerned about "rudderless"
secularism where people have lost touch with the past.

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